Hunza is a magical place, something that you may have only read in fairy tales or seen in fantasy movies. You could even call it the real life Shangri-La, the uncharted paradise mentioned only in the novels, for centuries people thought it to be a myth but it was hidden in the shape of Hunza, in the northern areas of Pakistan.

The capital city of Hunza, in the north of Pakistan is located at an elevation of around 2,500 feet and provides some really mesmerizing views and experiences. Hunza is one of the best places to lay back and relax after all the vigorous journeys that you have made through fairy meadows and the rest of Rakaposhi peak. Hunza is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, and relaxing cafeterias you can find in all of the north.

Although that being said, the most attractive aspect of Hunza is its weather combined with the beautiful landscape. Here is why you should be excited about visiting Hunza, so let us break down all the valid and exciting reasons for it.


Hunza, Its Weather And You

Hunza and the rest of the northern areas of Pakistan have beautiful weather all around the year but sometimes you don’t want too much crowd getting in your way. So that being said, the best time to visit Hunza would be from April to October. The midsummers in the northern areas of Pakistan get immensely crowded because people from all over the world especially China love to visit the north.

Now as per my personal experience, I visited Hunza many times, but my most memorable experience was in October. The temperature was below 15 degrees and as for the night, it went down more than that. The temperature is more manageable in the early winters but if you go in during late November or December, the situation gets difficult.

That being said, you can expect some heavy rainfall and snowfall during the winters as in the summers it remains moderately warm. The winter climate of northern areas is very much different than the remaining part of Pakistan, sometimes the situation gets out of control as roads are blocked and the temperature gets unbearable.

When it comes to the north, people like to mostly visit during the summers, all the blossoms and crisp-comforting warmth attracts just about everyone. Springtime in the northern areas of Pakistan starts around late April and stretches to Early June, and trust me when I say this; it is the most delightful time of the year during these parts. Just imagine the following scenery- it is the summers and the gradual melt of snow reveals the magical forests, which were concealed before.

Think of this as the proper re-emergence of wildlife in Karakoram, which were in winter hibernation. It is truly a remarkable sight and experience something that you should avail at any cost. September is considered the salmon run, so that attracts all the bears in the region; this attracts many tourists who love adventures and wildlife. Therefore, this is another reason why you will love the weather and climate of Hunza and the rest of the northern areas.

Now let us focus solely on the winter climate of Hunza, we can safely say that it is unbearably cold during the starting months of the year, so that is December until February. If your clothing is fully appropriate then you can partake and enjoy all the winter activities, which are famous in the last few months of the year, they are definitely not to miss.

Scrounging through all of this information might have now convinced you to travel Hunza with your loved ones, and we have some places in mind where you can stay comfortably. The first option would be Old Hunza Inn, now as the name suggests- it is one of the most famous motels you can find in the northern areas. This offers an exhilarating view of the majestic Diran and Rakaposhi peaks. 

As technology has evolved, most of us would think that has been the same case in almost every part of the world. Internet has become a priority as of now, we cannot survive without it, although keep in mind that when you would be visiting Hunza, there would be little to no connectivity. This is because of the various signal interferences, the only place where which you can find reliable internet services are Café De Hunza.

This is one of the most famous cafes in the northern areas, so kick back and enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi with a hot cappuccino. When you finally visit Hunza, don’t forget to climb up the Baltit Fort, this extravagant fort was built around 8 BC and it has survived through countless wards and invasions until now. There has only been addition in its beauty, so do pay this magical fort a visit.



Hunza is one of the most majestic places in the northern areas of Pakistan, weather is always pleasant there. Everything ranging from the landscape to the people are mesmerizing so make sure to pack a bag and visit this jewel of the north.