Trekking is a glorious and liberating experience, exploring the wild and untamed nature of the Earth gives the purest of thrills imaginable. Trekking in Pakistan is a common sport for tourists whether they are foreign or not, however there are things that need to be taken into account before departing on this arduous journey.

Getting In Touch With A Guide Or A Tourist Agency

The very first thing to consider is getting a guide. This is especially important if you are a foreigner, since travel beyond restricted zones is impossible if you have not registered yourself with the Pakistan Alpine Club.

There are a plethora of local agencies that accommodate tourists with extracurricular activities in Pakistan and getting the help of said agency can ameliorate the pressure of wandering through dangerous territories.

On the flip side, they can also aid with finding good spots and locations of interest. It is also absolutely mandatory that you choose your guides carefully since banditry and other hostile activities are not uncommon in most rural areas, you should keep up with the local news and assess the areas environment and get yourself a travel insurance to cover any accidents that may occur.

Choosing Your Trekking Location And Time

Pakistan is an amazing destination for trekking; Karakoram, Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu, and the Hunza valley are the most famous hotspots for treks, widely acclaimed for their beauty and environment.

There is a specific time interval that lasts between months and days, usually May to October in which trekking is ideal, since seasonal weather, landslides, and snowfall can really put a hamper on your journey.

Gilgit Baltistan is filled to the brim with exciting locations for the adventurous heart, with locations like Bagrote and Danyore valleys that are absolute fan favorites.

Hunza Valley also boasts its fair share of spots with Duikar and Passu Valley the latter of which is known to show picturesque views of both the Passu and Batura glaciers.

Minimarg Valley is also a very scenic location close to the Indian border that is filled with lush green grass slopes and thick pine forests. Best of all however is Skardu Valley since it edges close to K2, which is a worldwide spot.

Getting Your Equipment Right

Equipment is key if you want to start trekking, although you can self-organize your treks, your guide agency can help you put together a list of necessities which is very important if you do not have a good command of the local language.

To start off, if you are self-organizing your trek, you need a dependable tent which can be found at any good camping shop, just make sure that it’s durable enough to resist strong winds. Self-inflating mattresses are a necessary component to your camping equipment and it is a good idea to get one that is insulated so you can even sleep over ice.

Your backpack is your camping lifeline. It will contain all your equipment, be it cameras, documents, or food, so it is a good idea to get your hands on a durable and spacious backpack to hold everything together. Securing your money and passport is paramount so make sure you can secure it safely inside a pouch that you can access anytime. Getting a map and compass are also quite important, since internet connections in the north are between few to none.

Food is something that you cannot live without but you knew that already, so you obviously need a source of energy if you are to trek long distances.

Your agency hired cook can obviously dish out some hearty meals, but if you want, you can get canned food and dehydrated meals which might suit your tastes more than the local delicacies.

Medical attention will be available with your guide, but it won’t hurt to get a personal first aid kit for emergencies. Lastly, you need clothes that can keep you warm. This cannot be stressed enough, the cold winds of the north can make you change your mind faster than you can say trekking.

Good Luck Out There

Good Luck Out There

Pakistan is a beautiful location for tourists and unfortunate accidents are rare to none. If you have a thirst for exploration and adventure you cannot go wrong with your decision to trek across these magnificent lands. Make sure to prepare yourself and have the time of your life.