The Classic Route Fixed departure price 2200 US dollars per person from June to October each year. K2 Base Camp the classic route is one of the oldest trekking route for climbers and trekking to the kingdom, Concordia is the center point of this trekking route are considered to be one of the world’s Amazing great […]

The Classic Route

Fixed departure price 2200 US dollars per person from June to October each year.

K2 Base Camp the classic route is one of the oldest trekking route for climbers and trekking to the kingdom, Concordia is the center point of this trekking route are considered to be one of the world’s Amazing great treks with astonishing view peerless, anywhere else in the high mountaintop.

Our all K2 Base camp & Concordia trek in June/ July / August / September  and October are now guaranteed to run and it is currently available, please Join us soon if you would like to Enjoy this group. This epic to K2 Base Camp Trek (5,400m) is one of the world’s most iconic trekking expeditions.

Rather than take the normal out-and-back route, after reaching K2 Base Camp we cross the Gondogoro La pass (5,585m) and finish our adventure in the Hushe Valley, maximizing our experience of the Karakoram (For Gondogoro La Please check our K2 Gondogoro La Trek). Located on the border between China and Pakistan, K2 (8,611m) is the world’s second highest mountain. It is considered to be one of the toughest mountains to climb in the world due to its extreme height, the technical route and the extreme weather common in the Karakoram.

k2 base camp trek

The K2 Base Camp trek is made special by the epic scenery throughout our journey up the Baltoro Glacier, with more mountains coming into view the further we travel. The highlight of the trek is reaching Concordia which is the confluence of the mighty Baltoro and Godwin-Austen Glaciers. Also known as the “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods” one is rewarded with a stunning panoramic view which includes more than 40 peaks over 6,500m in height, four of which are over 8,000m. This 20-day journey which includes 16 to 17 days of trekking is suitable for experienced and adaptable trekkers with a strong sense of adventure. It is a camping trek which is fully supported by our team of friendly porters local to the Baltistan region.

K2 Base Camp Trek Itinerary 

You will get all essential information on arrival in Pakistan through our experienced professional licensed guides. To enter the mountain region all essential documentations are arranged by us. Porters will take your personal kit top to down in the way and guides or local staff helps in making a meal. You should be fit and used to hiking for long days before attempting this trek, It will be the most energetic and challenging trek but not dangerous although the reward is most remarkable. 7 hours trekking per day is needed. Fixed departure price is $2200.

Normally your day starts at 6 am or 7 am, but for this trek, you have to be early at morning and early at night. A mug of hot tea or coffee early in the morning and pack your equipment after a good breakfast to go for a trek. Lunch should be either pack by staff or hot lunch to the next camp on a route. If the weather is good then it will be cold at morning and little hot in a day but sometimes it will be hotter so you should wear t-shirts and shorts.

Day 1 Islamabad fly:

Islamabad fly. You should choose to fly Islamabad one day before trekking for some exploration. We can organize it for you. Two nights housing cost in Islamabad is also included in Trip package. There is the number of places to explore. One night before trek and one night after trek.

Day 2 stay in Islamabad:

You arrive Islamabad, it’s time to take rest and get relax in comfortable hotel rooms that we have arranged for you or go for swimming in a hotel pool. We will take you to visit Rawalpindi bazaars where plenty of accessories are available for use including gold, silver jewelry, and Kashmiri shawls.

Day 3 Skardu fly:

If the weather is good then we will fly for skardu and enjoy fabulous views of Nanga Parbat the 9th highest mountain in the world but if weather does not allow us we have to take old silk route through Karakorum highway, although it takes long drive it will give us tremendous views between deep valleys of mighty Indus.it takes 10 to 12 hours of drive.

Day 4 views of 4 mountains:

Journey to Skardu is accomplished in 8 hours by passing through remarkable views of mountains and Nanga Parbat. You will look back in amazement and reveal on what a great achievement Karakorum highway was on that time for civil engineering. You have crossed over 4 Plates of mountains includes Karakorum, Himalaya, Pamir, and Hindukush. Barbeque at evening is delivered and Baltistan culture begins.

Day 5 walking around Sadpara Lake:

While the guides will deal with paperwork for arriving in that region we spend a day by walking around Sadpara lake or khurpocho fort.

Day 6 Askole arrival:

Jeep ride is taken today to arrive at Askole 3,300m/ 10,827ft, here we began our trek towards k2, that is the last village between us and k2.

Day 7 Paiju Pinnacles view:

To avoid the heat in the day we have moved early morning. It was the gentle and pleasurable route. We get our first sight on Paiju pinnacles by crossing Biafo Glacier in the way. Today we will trek for 5 hours.

Day 8 Paiju trek:

We arrive at Paiju midmorning after an early start from Bardumal, the trek to Paiju is about 3 to 4 hour of the walking distance across 3,380m. We have to take off the boots as the paths are flooded by rivers in some places and in some places path is also free. Under the shadows of Paiju heights about 6,611m Paiju looks like a green oasis. Vast Baltoro Glacier is viewed from this camp. Camping overnight.

Day 9 way toward Baltoro Glacier:

We will control our way around the base of massive rock walls that guard the gorge toward the Baltoro Glacier if the river is adequately low. On the other hand, if it does not happens then before we recover the old river bed leading to Paiju that is our pitch for the next two nights, it will take a higher traverse. Much has done in the last few years to remove rubbish and human waste to remain the environment clean along with well-managed camp, despite old guidebooks and journals stories. About 8 to 9 hours of trekking today.

Day 10 rest day with a cooking meal:

Porters cook meals for trek onward because it is an important resting point for porters and a rest day to relief acclimatization. With an actual feel of a nice atmosphere, it is dancing, singing and drumming among porters. Trango and Cathedral Group’s first sight.

Day 11 Sights on Gasherbrums heights:

Broad heights and the Gasherbrums heights first sight will be shows today. It will be about 4 hours trekking today. High above the Baltoro and commanded by worlds most huge mountain views dominated by the anonymous tower, claimed to have world’s tallest wall, grassy slope locates a campsite.

Day 12 Heights views in heart of Concordia:

We are surrounded by great height view: Muztagh Tower, Gasherbrum 4 and Masherbrum is most remarkable among all, with ice in the heart of Concordia. It will be trekking of about 7 to 9 hours today.

Day 13 Arrival at Arena:

Passing the Golden Throne and Miltre Heights by moving Concordia, we arrived in the arena about 8,000m/26,247ft. It is a very special place and provides lifetime goals view. It will be trekking for 8 to 10 hours today.

Day 14 Return to Concordia:

You can return to Concordia if you start early morning, as its trek to Broad Peak Base camp or rest day at K2 Base camp.

Day 15 Rest in base camp:

4 to 5 days are take to reach Askole. After resting at base camp it is easy to trek out then trek in although our returning route is same.

Day 16 Arrival at Skardu:

Today we Return from Askole to Skardu through the off-road vehicle.

Day 17 arrival at chilas:

Today we arrive chilas from Skardu by bus and enjoy fabulous views.

Day 18 back to Islamabad:

Arrival to Islamabad from chilas by bus.

Day 19 night stay in Islamabad:

One night stay in Islamabad with rest in the hotel.

Day 20 arrival back to home:

Arrival from Islamabad to home after taking shower and a healthy breakfast.


Security Concern in Pakistan

At the Jasmine Tours we feel it is safe to trek to K2 Base Camp, however, it is essential you do your own research and decide yourself if you wish to join this trek. We recommend taking travel advice from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) rather than the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) as they are better resourced.

Significantly, both the FCO and the DFA advise against travel along the Karakoram Highway (KKH), however, we are hopeful they will downgrade this advice soon. In the event that the internal flights from Islamabad to Skardu and Skardu to Islamabad are canceled due to weather on days three and 21, we will need to make the journey by road along the KKH.

For more information on security in Pakistan click here for the FCO and here for the DFA. We require all participants traveling on this expedition to sign a disclaimer form which we will send you after you make your booking.

Reviews of Our K2 Base Camp Trek

“It was the most amazing trekking experience I have ever had. In numerous countries, I have been hiking and trekking over the years but the K2 base camp trek really comes out as one of my best one. Wonderful crew, and brilliant service prior to the trip. Ian put in a lot of work for me personally and really appreciate his approach to trekking and helping me attain this life long goal.” Brian Williams, K2 Base Camp Trek 

“I and my husband always want to visit Karakorum mountains in Pakistan so it was great having the experience. Being American it was really difficult to visit But after speaking with an and their reviews we have decided to travel. It was our best experience with a lot of love from Pakistan Thanks to jasmine for arranging this amazing, The trek was challenging but not disappointing and also great schedule. g itinerary Services they provide was brilliant. ” Jane Fredricks, K2 Base Camp Trek 

“Brilliant training advice and acclimation help me to accomplish my goal of visiting Everest Base camp and then K2, Jasmine, and his team was really impressive. I had used other tour operator services by Jasmine services was best. I can’t wait more to again go with another adventure and enjoy Jasmine services. It was great experience. ” Freddie Gonzales, K2 Base Camp Trek