Archive Duration: 40 Days

K2 Clean up expedition

Mustagh Tower

Mustagh Tower-7284m Mustagh tower-7284m seen from Baltoro Glacier as a gigantic stone axe apparently sheer sided and unclimbable. It was first climbed from the west by the British in 1956,

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Buni Zom

BUNI ZOM PEAK EXPEDITION 6550M 30 days, Ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climbs ITINERARY Note :- Although we try to adhere to the schedule listed below, this itinerary is subject to change due

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Koyo Zom

KOYO ZOM, PECHUS ZOM, GAINTHIR CHISH, GAHKUSH, DAS BAR ZOM AND OTHER PEAKS OF HINDU RAJ, 1968 ALBERT STAMM (O.A.V.) ON 17 June Elfriede Baltuska, Viktoria Hribar, Gerulf Wilhelm, Giinther

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Broad Peak Expedition 2023 2024

Broad Peak Expedition 47 days, Ex-Islamabad, Non-guided climb BROAD PEAKĀ 8047 metersĀ is one of four 8000 meter peaks located in a tight cluster in the upper reaches of the Baltoro Glacier,

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Trango Tower Expedition

Trango Tower Expedition FROM/TO ISLAMABAD - 40 DAYS FIXED DEPARTURES June 19, 21, and 28 July 16 and 21 August 4, 11 The Trango Towers are a family of rock

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