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1950, a Norwegian and British expedition team, led by the esteemed Norwegian philosopher Prof. Arne Naess, achieved the remarkable feat of ascending Tarichmir, the highest peak of Hindukush at 7,708m. This historic climb set a new benchmark in human mountaineering history.
To honor the bravery, dedication, and commitment of the pioneering team, the Government of KP, Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Archaeology, and Museum have decided to celebrate the 75th Platinum Jubilee of this monumental achievement in 2024.
In a bid to commemorate this milestone, the honorable Minister for Tourism, Culture, Archaeology, and Museum Mr.Zahid Chanzeb has declared 2024-25 as the “Tarichmir Platinum Jubilee Year,” further recognizing Tarichmir as a source of pride and an icon of KP.
The Director General of KP Culture and Tourism Authority (KPCTA) has outlined a comprehensive action plan for the two year-long celebration:
Waiver of mountain royalty and trekking fees for national and international expedition teams and trekkers for the years 2024-25.
Free permits for trekking and expeditions throughout Chitral without the need for a No Objection Certificate (NOC), except in restricted zones.
Organization of international and national conferences focusing on mountain tourism for health and wellness.
Hosting symposiums and seminars addressing the challenges and potential of adventure and religious tourism.
Implementation of human resource development and capacity-building programs for tour operators, hospitality sectors, tour guides, high altitude porters, and allied services to uphold minimum standards of operations and hospitality.
Collaboration with Norwegian and British embassies for tripartite expeditions to Tarichmir and other mountain regions, fostering partnerships for the promotion of tourism nationwide.
Recognition through awards and certificates for outstanding contributors to tourism promotion in KP, particularly in Chitral.
The program is set to commence immediate after Eid.

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