Khosar Gang Peak 6401 meter

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Khosar Gang 6401 meter Peak Expedition

This trekking peak is situated in the Shigar Valley, Karakoram, Pakistan. The name Khoser Gang, Khoser Gunge 6401 meters in the Balti language means Ice Pumpkin. The glacier feeds the part of Shigar Valley situated on the left bank of Braldu River, near to Kashmal village, Saldi village or Yuno village, an hour plus drive from Skardu.

Technically it is an easy climb, giving you opportunity to start your first high altitude experience in Karakoram, involve crossing of ice which is mixed with little rocks presents intermediate difficulties. Ideal time for the expedition is July to August that can be extended up to mid-September depending on weather conditions.

JTP plan a 14 days program for Khosar Gang Peak Expedition starting from Sildi village or Kashmal village or you can even try 1899 Workman route from Yuno village of Shigar Valley in Baltistan region of Pakistan (Skardu), a valley that is about 45 kms ride away from the Skardu City. The first successful expedition was led by an American couple (Fanny & William Bullock-Workman) in 1899, which at that time was a world altitude record for women mountaineers.

The participants of Khosar Gang Peak Expedition will arrive in Islamabad; they will be picked up from the Islamabad International Airport and will be transferred to the hotel. The participants will then fly to Skardu, which is the administrative hub of Baltistan, you will get to meet many expedition and trekking groups in Skardu as it is main town for Karakoram valleys in Baltistan region.

The participants will spend 1-3 days in Skardu City for the group preparations and documentation and acclimatization in Sadpara area. Once the group preparation & documentation is complete the participants of the Khosar Peak Expedition will drive off to Shigar Valley early in the morning. Then a group of porters from the village will accompany them to the base camp carrying the luggage along with the team of JTP. The participants will have to trek for 7-6 hours to reach the base camp of the peak.

Once the participants reach the base camp they will acclimatize and sort out the equipment for the climb. The climbing route for the Khosar Gang Peak Expedition is more like a steep hike until camp II of the peak and at a small section it gets steeper and 80-120m rope is to be fixed before the summit. Also, there are crevasses between camp II and the summit, which can be avoided by using the rope and local guide knowledge. The heights of camp I, II & summit are 4800m, 5200m and 6050m. The participants will have 05 days for the climb. After the climb the participants will follow the same route back to Skardu on jeeps, then flying back to Islamabad for the grand dinner after the success of the expedition. If time allows, the participants will also explore the twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi) as well. The participants will be dropped off at Islamabad International Airport and they will fly out to their home country.

Day Itinerary Altitude Hotel / Camp
01 Arrival Islamabad and transfer to hotel or group may fly to Skardu the same day on arrival from airport to Skardu 700 meters Hotel
02 Fly to Skardu, night in hotel. 1300 to 1500 meters Hotel
03  Reserve day in case to go by road or acclimatization near Sadpara Lake to 4,200 meters and night in tent. 1500 meters Camping
04 Paper work and final arrangement in Skardu 1500 meter Hotel
05 Skardu – Kashmal village drive 1 to 2 hours and 3 to 4 hours trekking to B. C. 3000 meters Camping
06 /10 Climbing Khosar Gang Peak 6401 meters Climbing
11 Back to Skardu, night in hotel 1500 meters Hotel
12 Fly to Islamabad, night in hotel 700 meters Hotel
13 Reserve day in case by road 700 meters Hotel
14 Flight back from Islamabad to home.    


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$1300 per person

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