K2 Base Camp Trek

K2 Base Camp Trek Classic Route 20 days start Islamabad end Islamabad (all inclusive) Price in Euro June 5th, 15th, 25thh July 5th, 15th, 25th August 5th 15th, 25th September 5th 15th 25th October 5 and 15th https://www.jasminetours.com/tour/k2-base-camp-gondogoro-la-trek/  Highlights: Islamabad (700m) – Chilas – Skardu (1500m) – Askole (3048m) – Korofong (3100m) – Bardumal (3305m) – […]

K2 Base Camp Trek

Classic Route

20 days start Islamabad end Islamabad (all inclusive)

Price in Euro

June 5th, 15th, 25thh July 5th, 15th, 25th August 5th 15th, 25th September 5th 15th 25th October 5 and 15th


 Highlights: Islamabad (700m) – Chilas – Skardu (1500m) – Askole (3048m) – Korofong (3100m) – Bardumal (3305m) – Paiju (3383m) – Khoburtse (3566m) – Urdokas (4130m) – Goro 2 (4250m) – Concordia (4600m) – Broad Peak BC (5000m) – K2 BC (5150m) – Ali Camp (5000m) – Gondogoro Pass (5560m) – Khuspang (4680m)  – Shaischo (3330m) – Hushe (3050m) – Skardu (1500m) – Chilas – Islamabad (700m)

Very Important Note for Booking: All clients are requested to please make booking two months in advance along with the documents and information requested at para 12 for the smooth process and clearance of clients particulars from respected government agencies.

Program Per person
K2 Base Camp Trek 2200 Euro

K2 Base Camp Trek – Classic Route

20 days from Islamabad to back Islamabad all-inclusive (depending on your holidays one or two days can be shorter, without any difficulties during the trek)





Only the superlatives can define the beauty and grandeur witnessed on this “sublime sanctuary of nature”. Known as the most spectacular trek in the world, the traditional expedition route to K-2 (Chogori) 8611 M – the second highest mountain on Earth, cuts through the greatest concentration of some of the highest peaks in the world.

Not only are the mountains high, but they are the most jagged and sheer than the monoliths of Nepal. 08 of the world’s 30 highest peaks of the world stand around this unusual trek. The apex of this incredible trek is CONCORDIA one of the  biggest peadmont glaciers of the world. It is a  spectacular junction of Godwin Austin Glacier, Abruzzi Glacier and Baltoro Glacier. It banks, 06 peaks over 25,912 ft (7900 M) within a short radius of 07 miles (11 Km).

The walk to Concordia, however, is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It’s a hard trek up and down the gorges, across rushing icy torrents, through broken rocks, over wire-rope bridges and through crevassed glaciers.

The incentive for this strenuous walk is undoubtedly equally rewarding. Chongo Brakk, Mango Gusar, Sobla, Chiring, Bakhordas, Bardumal, Liligo, Paiju, Trango Towers Group, Uli Biaho Towers, Mitre Peak, Muztagh Tower, Gasherbrum 3, 4, 5 & 6, Broad Peak, Chogolisa, Golden Throne, Sia Kangri, Angles, Marble Peak & the Mighty K-2 are just a few of the innumerable mountain vistas to be witnessed on this trek in addition to tranquil lakes, blossoming fruit orchards, meandering rivers, tumbling water falls and undulating sand dunes with a unique blend of the modest Balti culture marked with distinct language, architecture and dresses.

SUMMARY : From Islamabad we fly over Kaghan valley, Nanga Parbat and the Karakorams to Skardu – the district head quarters of Baltistan and a gateway to the great Monoliths of Pakistan. Perched at a height of 7500 feet, Skardu is located amidst an impressive landscape, towering mountains, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls, creeping glaciers and quiet lakes. Skardu is in the heart of a towering frontier land. To its north lies the Sinkiang province of China, to the south Kashmir, to the West Gilgit and to the east the district of Ladakh in India. Skardu is the trekker and mountain climbers paradise. Nowhere can you find such a collection of lofty peaks and glaciers.

The Baltoro Glacier, the best known, is that spectacular conjunction of Godwin Austen and Baltoro glaciers called Concordia, lying in the heart of the most heavily glaciated region outside the polar areas. Within a radius of 12 miles rise six peaks over 20,000 feet. This is the center of the densest concentration of lofty peaks on earth. Some of these magnificent mountains in the Karakoram range are Masherbrum (25,600), Mustagh tower (23,690), K-2 (28,741), Broad Peak (26,400), Gasherbrum IV (26,810), Sia Kangri (24,350) Golden Throne (23,989), Mitre Peak (19,718), Chogolisa (25,110) and Hidden Peak (26,470).

After sightseeing the mountain desert, tranquil lakes, bustling Skardu bazaar and a 16th century Khorpocho Fort, for a day, We set off by jeep to Askole – the last inhabited village and commence our exuberant trek with dozens of porters on the trails to the incredible wilderness of ice, rock and sky for over two weeks.

Although on the entire trek we are in absolute wilderness, we will take a colorful part of the Karakoram Culture with us. Our scores of lively Baltis and Hunzakuts who are tough enough to sing and dance after the hard day’s work. We will be invited to join in. There will be many memorable evenings listening to their songs and watching their dances.


Note :- Although we try to adhere to the schedule listed below, this itinerary is subject to change due to numerous reasons beyond our control such as bad weather, canceled or delayed flights, road washouts, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, sickness, government restrictions, & all other unforeseen exigencies.

DAY 01


AM: Arrival at Islamabad Airport. Transfer to Hotel. Previous night included. Later, trek briefing with concern office.

The twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are situated at the edge of Potohar Plateau & 25 minutes apart by car. Rawalpindi was originally known as Fatehpur Boari. It was destroyed during 14th century by a Mughal invasion & remained deserted for a number of years. 350 years ago, during the reign of Emperor Jahangir, a Sikh Saint by the name of Rawal Jogi came to the deserted Fatehpur Boari & was instrumental in recreating the glory of the city. In appreciation the town became known as Rawalpindi. Today, Raja Bazaar, Saddar & Murree Road are the main shopping centers. The cantonment area created by the Britishers is comparatively a new establishment. It has a saddar Bazaar with modern shops & has subsequently become the hub of all shopping. Islamabad on the other hand, is a city that is barely a quarter century old. Two sleepy villages, Saidpur & Nurpur existed here prior to the sudden sprouting of buildings. This gleaming new capital of Pakistan is a superb example of modern architecture. Almost 350 square miles site has been set aside for parks.

PM: Sightseeing of Islamabad. This includes visits to Faisal Mosque – the biggest in the world; Damen-e-Koh – a scenic hill view point presenting the bird eye’s view of Islamabad; & National Art Gallery – housing the rich collection of contemporary artists; Folk Museum – The only museum of its kind in Pakistan presenting the preserved folk heritage of Pakistan. Tomb of Bari Imam – one of the greatest saints of the subcontinent. Super Market – center of western fashion wear & consumer products.  Overnight stay at Hotel with bed and breakfast only.

DAY 02


AM : Transfer to Islamabad Airport to embark weather permitting flight to Skardu. This flight is the most spectacular mountain flight in the world and flies over the picturesque Kaghan Valley, Nanga Parbat & the Karakorams. Perched at a height of 7500 Ft, Skardu is the District Headquarters of Baltistan and the gateway to the great Monoliths of Pakistan. On arrival at Skardu, transfer to Hotel.

Note : Operation of all flights to Northern Pakistan is subject to clear weather and confirmation of seats is subject to clearance of back log. We “DO NOT GUARANTEE” seats on any such flight. If unable to fly, the group will be transferred by road (22-24 hrs) at additional cost with one overnight enroute. Overnight at Hotel with bed and breakfast only.

NOTE : If unable to fly today, travel to Chilas with overnight at  Hotel Panorama.

DAY 03


Free day for rest.

Note :- If unable to fly yesterday, this day will be used to complete road journey from Chilas to Skardu. Overnight at Hotel. With breakfast only.

DAY 04


AM : Embark jeeps for a full day ride on a winding jeep trail to Askole – The last inhabitance on our way to the Great Glaciers. Highest in the region, the stone & timber abodes contain dark & narrow stairwells riven by gloomy, unlit alleys cluster within the embrace of the fertile terraces.

Highlights : Mini Desert beyond Skardu, Shigar Fort, Oldest Mosque of the region at Shigar, Shigar Imambara; Gem Stone Mine near Dassu; Braldu River & Braldu Gorge ; Peaks :- Canchen, Chakpo,  & Chongo Brakk all above 5500 M ; Ladakh Style Architecture & Rope Knotted Bridge near Askole.

Note :-The road to Askole or further to Jhula has been recently completed but undergoing rapid erosion and gets closed quite oftenly. If unable to jeep, the group will disembark & walk to Askole on the same day or camp for overnight (subject to distance).

Continue driving which was once trekking route with porters our porters who carry our food and equipments and sustain our expedition. After scrambling over a ridge we come across what legend says an old polo field. Passing through a rock gap we cross the Biafo glacier and camp beside it’s snout at korophone. The Biafo Glacier is a huge river of ice 63 Km long which descends from the central peaks of the Karakoram & flows East into the Braldu Valley at a point about 10 Kms east of Askole. Highlights : Sobla, Mango Gusar, Skoro La, Biafo Snout, Altitude : 3100 M,, Altitude : 3150 M

DAY 05


Resume trek along the Braldu River to a green Oasis under the shadows of Paiju Peak 6611 M. Paiju – is a Balti word which means “SALT”. Since there are some rock salt deposits at the base of this peak, the locals believe that the snow on the summit of Paiju Peak is not snow but a huge deposit of salt which drips down to the base. From this camp we have the first views of the impressive Baltoro Glacier. Overnight in tents with all Highlights : Bakhordas, Baltoro Snout, Liligo Walk : 06-07 hrs, Grade : Moderate, Altitude : 3480 M.

DAY 06


Begin trek after an early breakfast. Traverse the junction of Paiju – Baltoro Glaciers through crevasses & camp below Liligo, the traditional camp under the muddy cliffs with fine views of rock spires. Frequent glimpses of the shy Ibex & Markhor (species of mountain goat). Overnight in tents. All meals included. Highlights : Trango Group of Peaks, Ulibiaho, Paiju, First Views of K-2, Ibex, Gasherbrum IV, Walk : 05-06 hrs, Grade : strenuous, Altitude : 3800 M

DAY 07


Cross the Khuburse torrent early morning and ramble over two glacier moraines to reach the grassy slopes of Urdukas offering splendid views of the Trango, Uli Biaho & Bial Groups. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.

Highlights : Paiju, Uli Biaho Towers, Trango Towers, Bardumal, Lilligo, Muztagh & Gasherbrum IV.Walk : 04 – 05 hrs,  Grade : Moderate,  Altitude : 4130 M

DAY 08


Rest & acclimatization day at Urdukas. Frequent glimpses of Ibex. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.

DAY 09


A long walk on the icy Baltoro Glacier. Traverse the Yermanandu Glacier which flows down from Masherbrum & joins the Baltoro. Magnificent views of Muztagh, Mitre & Gasherbrum IV. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff. Highlights : Paiju, Trango Towers, Muztagh Tower, Mitre, Gasherbrum IV, Masherbrum, Walk : 06-07 hrs, Grade : Strenuous,  Altitude : 4500 M.

DAY 10


After an early breakfast, resume a long walk on the Baltoro Glacier to a point called Concordia – a huge junction of Baltoro, Abruzzi & Godwin Austin Glaciers at 4720 meters . Within a short radius of 15 Kilometers, stand 41 peaks over 6500 meters. including 04 peaks above 8000 M. The 360 view offers a panorama of peaks nowhere to be found on this Earth. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff. Highlights : K-2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum Group, Sia Kangri, Mitre Peak, Golden Throne, Angles, Marble and a number of other Peaks Walk : 05 – 06 hrs,  Grade : strenuous,  Altitude : 4720 M.

DAY 11


Today members of the group will trek to K2 base camp 4 hours and return the same day 2 hours while porters will rest at Concordia.. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff. Highlights : Baltoro Kangri, Golden Throne, Sia Kangri, Chogoliza, Gasherbrum,

DAY 12


Another free day at Concordia to explore the area. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.


Begin outbound trek to Jhula via Goro, Urdukas, Khuburse, Paiju, & Jhula. End of Trek. Overnight in tents. All meals served by camp staff.

DAY 17


Jeep to Skardu. Breakfast in camp, & overnight at Hotel.

DAY 18


AM : After an early breakfast, drive to Gilgit 6-8 hours with frequent stop on the way to explore the Indus River.

DAY 19


AM : After an early breakfast, drive to Islamabad via Chilas and KKH 16 – 18 hours drive.

KKH or Karakoram High Way also known as the “eight wonder” of the world, the Karakoram Highway – connects Pakistan to China, twisting through the three mighty ranges of the world, the Karakorams, the Himalayas & the Pamirs – & follows the ancient Silk Route along the Indus, Gilgit & Hunza Rivers up the Chinese border at the Khunjerab Pass where it concludes in the Taklamakan Desert after winding through the Pamirs & Kashgar districts. For much of the 1284 kms, the KKH crosses a high altitude desert with less than 04 inch rainfall per year. Passing through stupendous gorges, the road cuts along shelves on the cliff faces as much as 500 M above the river. The highway is an incredible feast of modern engineering & an enduring monument to the 810 Pakistanis & 82 Chinese who died forcing a road through what has a reasonable claim to be the world’s most difficult & unstable terrain. The KKH runs through the middle of this collision belt where there is an average of one Earth Quake every 03 minutes. The Indus River separates the Himalayas from the Karakorams and the KKH hugs the banks of the Indus for 310 Kms on its journey North. It winds round foot of Nanga Parbat 8125 M, the 09th highest in the world & the last in the Himalayan Range & Rakaposhi 7788 M near Nilt in Hunza. It leaves the Indus & cuts through the Karakoram Range, with 12 out of the world’s 30 highest mountains. At 4733 meters, the Khunjerab Pass is the highest paved border crossing on a surfaced road in the world. The highway was a joint Pakistan-China project. Completed in 1978, it took 20 years to build and employed 15000 Pakistanis & 30,000 Chinese. The pakistanis concentrated on the road & the Chinese on the bridges. The glaciers, brittle rock structures, strong winds, extremes of temperatures from 48C/118F in summers to -30C/-22F in winters and the seismic activity all combined to make the construction and today the maintenance of the highway a continual battle. The Pakistani army, today, has deployed 1000 soldiers to keep the road open.

DAY 20


AM : Transfer to airport for your return journey back home..


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