Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat Base Camp trek

FAIRY MEADOWS – NANGA PARBAT BASE CAMP TREK 130,000 rupee for solo travel, discount on group travel, all inclusive Islamabad to back Islamabad. NOTE :- Although, we try to adhere to the schedule listed below, this itinerary is subject to change due to numerous reasons beyond our control such as bad weather, canceled or delayed […]


130,000 rupee for solo travel, discount on group travel, all inclusive Islamabad to back Islamabad.

NOTE :- Although, we try to adhere to the schedule listed below, this itinerary is subject to change due to numerous reasons beyond our control such as bad weather, canceled or delayed flights, road washouts, vehicle breakdowns, sickness, accidents, government restrictions & all other unforeseen exigencies for which we cannot make provisions.

DAY 01


AM : After an early breakfast, drive to Chilas for about 12 hours, a major town on the upper course of the Indus & a gateway to Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu, Nanga Parbat Valleys.

Our whole journey will proceed on the Karakoram Highway, Also known as the “eight wonder” of the world, the Karakoram Highway – connects Pakistan to China, twisting through the three mighty ranges of the world, the Karakorams, the Himalayas & the Pamirs – & follows the ancient Silk Route along the Indus, Gilgit & Hunza Rivers up the Chinese border at the Khunjerab Pass where it concludes in the Taklamakan Desert after winding through the Pamirs & Kashgar districts.

For much of the 1284 kilometers, the KKH crosses a high altitude desert with less than 04 inch rainfall per year. Passing through stupendous gorges, the road cuts along shelves on the cliff faces as much as 500 M above the river. The highway is an incredible feast of modern engineering & an enduring monument to the 810 Pakistanis & 82 Chinese who died forcing a road through what has a reasonable claim to be the world’s most difficult & unstable terrain.

The Karakorams & Himalayas began to form some 55 million years ago when the Indian subcontinent drifted northwards & collided with the Asian land mass. India is still trundling northwards at the geologically reckless rate of 05 cm a year, pushing the mountains up by 07 mm (1/4 of an inch) per year. The KKH runs through the middle of this collision belt where there is an average of one Earth Quake every 03 minutes.

The Indus River separates the Himalayas from the Karakorams and the KKH hugs the banks of the Indus for 310 Kilometers, on its journey north. It winds round foot of Nanga Parbat 8125 M, the 09th highest in the world & the last in the Himalayan Range & Rakaposhi 7788 M near Nilt in Hunza. It leaves the Indus & cuts through the Karakoram Range, with 12 out of the world’s 30 highest mountains. At 4733 meters, the Khunjerab Pass is the highest paved border crossing on a surfaced road in the world.

The highway was a joint Pakistan-China project. Completed in 1978, it took 20 years to build and employed 15000 Pakistanis & 30,000 Chinese. The Pakistanis concentrated on the road & the Chinese on the bridges. The glaciers, brittle rock structures, strong winds, extremes of temperatures from 48C/118F in summers to -30C/-22F in winters and the seismic activity all combined to make the construction and today the maintenance of the highway a continual battle. The Pakistani army, today, has deployed 1000 soldiers to keep the road open. After arriving at Chilas transfer to your hotel. All meals included.

Distance : ______km,  Drive : 10-11 hrs,  Altitude : _____ meters

DAY 02


AM: After an early breakfast, embark by Van to Riakot Bridge and further drive by jeeps towards Jhel/Tato Village. Up arrival at Tato Village easy walk for about 2 hours to Fairy Meadows or further one and half hours walk to Biyal. Overnight camping/wooden huts.

When the sun shines, it smokes up there. The demons blow their horns and fairies cook their bread. (Local Legend). The “Naked Mountain” as interpreted in the local language, is the “Ninth” in height but the “First” in “Actual Climb” challenge & dignity in the world. Standing at the extreme western end of 24,000 Km Himalayan Range – just beyond the deep Indus Valley, culminates in an ice crest, 8125 M high. No other peak within 100 Km comes anywhere near it’s size. It’s incomparable Rupal Face (southern side) is one of the greatest precipices in the world – a sheer drop of 5000 M. Also notorious as the “Killer Mountain”, it has so far taken the biggest toll of human lives in the anal of mountaineering. Influenced by the centuries old legends, the locals believe beyond their doubts that Nanga Parbat is an eternal abode of Fairies & Demons who frequently curse their fury over the undesirable “intruders” in shape of roaring avalanches. The locals thus alarmingly warn mountaineers to keep their feet off this dangerous mountain. The first visual record of this mountain was a canvas painted by Rudolf Schlagintweit – a German traveller, who beheld this mighty peak in 1852.

Our jeep journey will soon end at the end of the road under construction somewhere near Tato or Jhel. Our guide will hire the porters, distribute the loads and begin the trek to Fairy Meadows a lush green plateau presenting some of the most spectacular sights with a backdrop of the massive chunks of Nanga Parbat Peaks. The locals strongly believe this place is abode of fairies and demons. Picturesque views of the Jillipur Peak, 5206 M, Buldar Peak 5602 M, Raikot Peak 7070 M,  and Nanga Parbat 8125 M, the ninth highest in the world. Overnight in tents/wooden huts. All meals included.

Walk : 02 Hrs    Grade : easy    Altitude : 3300 M

DAY 03


A full day excursion trek to Beyal Camp for about 2 hours and further to Nanga Parbat View Point. Return to Fairy Meadows in the evening.

Full day at the disposal of the group to relax, explore the surroundings or make easy optional climbs to the Jillipur Peak, 5206 M or Buldar Peak 5602 M, higher than all the peaks in Europe. If you are a fit trekker and know the basics of walking on ice and snow but have so far not climbed any peak yet if you wish to be a summiteers, our staff will provide you all possible assistance and escort all the way to the summit and make your dream come true (check for additional cost) Overnight in tents/wooden huts.Walk : optional Grade : moderate Altitude : __________Meters

DAY 04


Start your return trek to Jhel or Tato Village one or one and half hours board in your jeep for ride to Riakot bridge, where your van will be waiting for a 7-8 hours drive to Besham. Overnight hotel. All meals included..

DAY 05


AM : After an early breakfast, begin outbound 6 hours drive to Islamabad, on arrival transfer to your resident.


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