Pakistan is one of the most amazing and breathtaking countries of South Asia, although set back by the political instabilities it had been off the radar from quite a while now. Its reputation was beguiled by unforeseen circumstances, but now with the help of some hardened travelers and explorers it has emerged into an all new era. Tourism is one of most important industries of Pakistan, and that is rightfully so.

This country has beautiful forests and mountains on one side, while the other side is filled with majestic deserts. Plenty of reasons exist, while you should visit this exotic country at least once in your life. Experiencing all of the seasons for some countries might still be rare, some of them don’t even get to see the light of day or the sweet comfort of night because of different climatic zones.

Pakistan is a country which has been blessed, because this country gets to enjoy all of the seasons in their timely manner and just because of this reason alone, people from all over the world travel here and experience the phenomenal beauty. One of the busiest seasons for tourism is winter, fresh snow, the exotic locales, it is something people from both Pakistan and all over the world crave for.

With our helpful guide, we are going to introduce some of the most desired winter destinations for foreign tourists in Pakistan.


Hunza Valley- Heaven on Earth

In the region of Gilgit-Baltistan and about 100 kilometers away from the capital, lies a beautiful gem of a valley, Hunza. Often referred to as heaven on earth, the ancient yet exotic valley offers an experience like none other. The surrounding areas of Hunza are Karimabad and Altit, and all of these combined can be referred as Shangri-La, also known as the Lost Horizon. This is literally paradise on Earth and it has more than earned that name, as heavily populated by its cultural vibes, gorgeous vistas and immersive cafes, it is one of the places that you should definitely add to your bucket list.

Although the entrance to Hunza isn’t limited, we suggest that you ignore the month of August if you want to get by the unwanted traffic and crowd. After this month, there isn’t that much of a crowd and you can enjoy all the beautiful sceneries with your friends or family at peace. Although the internet services aren’t that much reliable there, even if you have a sim card the network won’t be working there accurately. The only good option for Wi-Fi would be Café De Hunza, just buy a cup of coffee or tea and ask for the password.

When you are at Hunza, don’t forget to visit the glorious Baltit and Altit forts which have been completely renovated from the ground up.  


Ziarat Valley- Balochistan

Another famous destination for you to visit during the winters would be the Ziarat valley, located in the Balochistan province of Pakistan, it is actually a beautiful hill station. This hill station is situated of around 8500 feet and offers breathtaking visuals. This is the very station where the founder of Pakistan- Quaid E Azam spent the last of his days with his sister, so seeing that it also holds a cultural yet emotional bond.

This valley is also home to the indigenous and famous Jupiter forest, it has been said that this forest contains some of the oldest trees the world has known. This forest can even be traced back to the pre-dominant Dark Age’s era, so seeing how it developed and bloomed into the beautiful forest today is definitely a sight to behold. If you are planning to visit Ziarat during the winters then there is a stroke of luck for you here, the snowcapped mountains and terrains would surely produce a heavenly view.


Leepa Valley- Azad Kashmir

Leepa valley is one of the most exotic valleys located in Pakistan, it is situated at a distance of around 50 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The valley is at the altitude of around 11000 feet and one of the most beautiful vistas to experience in Azad Kashmir.

People who visit this magnificent valley, don’t come out of its hypnotic yet mesmerizing trance so easily, and it blesses tourists with some of the most profound memories ever. The whole valley is covered with beautiful forests and gorgeous vistas, the magnificent palm trees offer an exotic view that not many can compete with.

It should be noted that this whole valley remains covered in a vast blanket on snow during the winter season, so planning ahead of your travels is advised. The valley is only accessible between May and November, this is because of the climatic reasons, and sometimes the roads get heavily affected by winters. If you are planning to visit this valley then be sure to also visit the nearby villages as they would offer some of the best experiences available, those villages are Leepa, Dao Khan, Reshian and Chananian Khan, make sure that you visit at least some of them during your travels.


Malam Jabba- The Exotic Ski Resort

Malam Jabba is a glorious ski resort in Pakistan, and annually thousands from visitors from Pakistan and all over the world. When there, you could experience till 10 to 15 feet till snow, and the resort itself is almost 9000 feet above the sea level. 

The resort is located in the Swat Valley and you always have two options to get there, either take in the scenic route and travel by the road or you could always go by the fastest route and take the flight there. Once you get there, the scenery would be majestic, lush green mountains, splendid valleys, and rivers as far as the eye can see. This resort has a total of two skiing platform, and it can accommodate about 60 passengers. The resort is equipped with all the modern facilities, so you could enjoy all the winter games both indoor and outdoor, restaurants with national-international cuisine. This makes the resort one of the finest choices for winters, so do put it on your bucket list.



Winter is a time where one enjoys the magnificence of snow and the warm embrace of coffee, so if you are planning to visit somewhere remarkable, our guide is there to provide some of the best locations you can experience. Enjoy your vacations there with your friends or family, the destinations mentioned will offer you the best winter experience in Pakistan so avail the most out of it.