Pakistan is one of those very few yet lucky enough countries in the world, which have been blessed with utmost and mesmerizing beauty. There is not a single spot that you would look and find jaw-dropping scenery filled with kind and hospitable people. Although, today we are going to talk about a specific place in Pakistan which has captured the hearts of everyone who visited it.

Hunza Valley is located in the north of Pakistan and evidently, it might be the most amazing yet peaceful location in the whole world (We can almost guarantee that). The western and media from other countries have tried to delude the reality and often-misguided people, they say that Pakistan is a country like a barren wasteland and there is no beauty to be found there. Once you visit Pakistan, your opinion is going to be forever changed.

Once can almost say that Hunza is safer than Europe and America, as we have seen the economic and social situation escalate in the past decade. When a person yearns for travelling they have peace of mind as a goal, your destination has to give you that, if it doesn’t then it is not worth visiting at all. Hunza is going to fill the gap that you have been craving for and with this guide, we are going to give you a detailed guide on Hunza and its unparalleled beauty.

Hunza Valley- An Introduction

In order to travel, you would firstly need to know everything about Hunza, so let us get started from the very basics. Hunza is a true gem of the north, and it is on the way to Karakoram highway. The place is so comfortable that you would definitely want to spend days here if not weeks or months.

Hunza valley, some might even consider it to be the epitome of travel locations. Now, because of the popularity when you talk about travelling, especially if it concerns foreigners, they will think of Hunza. Just say Pakistan, and you would most probably get a reply yeah I want to go to Hunza, that is how their brain works now.

Hunza valley is located in the Baltistan region of Pakistan and it houses mesmerizing ancient beauty, well it wasn’t just the route for invasion but many royal families ruled from here. Well the valley is at a good enough height of around 2500 meters and because of that, the temperature goes well and beyond freezing (Drops below 0). So keeping that in consideration, the official tourist time is May-October. This is the safest choice, unless you want to get stuck in snow.

Now, let us discuss about the people of Hunza. Well they are of astonishing beauty and their language is Burushuski. Majority of the people there are Ismaili Muslims, and their hospitality is known all around the world. No matter where you go, where you stay, people would just drag you to their shops, cafes and even homes. Their hospitality and love will know no bounds once you pay them a visit. The culture is also very rich and interaction with the locals is going to get you more information about various topics.

How Do You Get There?

Well, getting to Hunza is easy, especially now that so many options have opened. If you are in Islamabad, then you would have two options here, either you get on a flight to Gilgit, and then reaching there, you get to Hunza via a private vehicle, which will approximately, take 3-4 hours.

The second option is booking a bus and getting to Gilgit and then Hunza in more than 24 hours, well this is the more scenic route, and you would be going through the Karakoram highway, Skardu and many other places. Make sure to rest, because the journey is very tiring, if you don’t rest then the journey could become immensely tiring.

When you will reach Hunza, the reign of private transportation will come into play. Everyone there is either using private cars or jeeps because of the terrain. If you want to travel freely and by your own accord, then I will suggest that you rent a car there, it would be much more convenient.

Where Should You Stay In Hunza

When visiting famous locations, you can expect that there are going to be a lot of places where you can stay comfortably. Hunza valley is one of the most famous tourist spots in the country, and the first one on our list is Old Hunza Inn. Hunza Inn is one of the oldest rest houses in the valley and their prices are also so affordable. You can easily get a single our double bedroom in around PKR 3000. The location of the rest house is amazing as the view from there shows the entire valley. For example, you can watch the whole of Diran and Rakaposhi peaks from your room with entire comfort.

The next option is a little expensive but it is so much worth it, Hunza Serena Inn offers the best stay that you can expect from this famed valley. Although a single or double room will be around 7000-9000 PKR but the whole valley will be in front of you and the spectacular Baltit fort, what else do you need?

Best Things To See And Do In Hunza

There are a ton of places to visit while you are in Hunza, and the first one to top off the list is the majestic Baltit fort. This fort was the main place of residence for the royal families and was built around 800 BC. During winters, it comes in the center of all the snow, if you visit Hunza in the peak of winters then it is truly going to be a sight to witness.

This famous valley combined with a perfect sunrise is everyone a tourist needs. Eagle’s nest, just as the name suggests is a summit which showcases the entire valley in its glory. It is a very steep drive so precaution is absolutely advised.

If you are a fan of eateries then Cafe De Hunza is going to be the best option for you. It is the best place for some local food and free WiFi. I would suggest having their most famous Nutella pancakes, they are just heavenly. Just order and get your free access to internet, as finding connectivity easily like that in Hunza is super hard.

Lastly, we are going to discuss hiking in Karimabad. All the adventurers and hikers are going to love the whole valley of Hunza. If you want to camp, then the Ultar base camp is going to be the main place for you.


Hunza is a very beautiful valley, it has so much variety in not just the sceneries but locale. That is one of the many reasons it is known as the spectrum of colors. With our guide, we hope that we have motivated you enough to visit this gem.