Please note that we tried to cover all the questions which might comes in your mind before starting a journey in our part of the World. But if you feel you have further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@jasminetours.com or aaporik@gmail.com

Is it safe to travel Pakistan

Yes, Pakistan in general and GILGIT BALTISTAN (Gilgit, Hunza, Shimshal, Chilas and Baltistan especially the Trekking and mountaineering region of Norther Areas) of Pakistan in particular (100%) is safe to travel. Pakistan always had been advertised by the western media so badly that people think it is so unsafe to travel Pakistan. (It is due to political reason and secondly the fact is we have a long history of army rules in our country). We did not have purse snatching, street violence or any other odd in our country, particularly in Gilgit Baltistan (The Northern Pakistan).

The War on Terror in Pakistan

After 9/11 America and its allies have started a war against terrorists, North West Frontier Province of Pakistan is a particular target of this war. Pakistan Army in summer 2009 started its operation against Taliban in Swat which in result about ten million people forced to fled to different part of , now there is peace in Swat Valley and all the residence have return to their homes.  After Swat Pakistan Army started operation against Taliban strong hold South Waziristan boarder with Afghanistan and until today 25/11/09 Pakistan Army clear most of South Waziristan from Taliban, as the Pakistan Army success news are coming big city of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are also feeling more secure. Time by time the situation change. We always advice and update our valuable customer which area is now safe to travel and which particular area we should avoid.

Why we says it is safe to travel Pakistan

In Pakistan there are thousands of Diplomats, International NGO’s and Multinational Organization performing their duties peacefully in the big cities and remote areas. Especially the Diplomats travel in a red plate car as per law. They are so venerable But did you heard any bad incident or news ?

Women travelling alone

Every year hundred’ of women travel alone into the remote valleys of Pakistan. Many of them can be seen in the street’s of Hunza and Gilgit. To take a more safer holidays in Pakistan we advice to wear modest dress which cover whole of their body. Secondly before starting a trek or tour with local guide in the wilderness, please report about your program to the nearest police station or to your embassy with the identity/contact of your local guide/company.

How do I communicate

English is Pakistan official language and is pretty much understood all over in Pakistan. Most of the signboards are in English. All our drivers, guides and even peoples in the remote valley can understand English.

a) About the Weather?

The weather report can be obtained from the Local News Papers / TV Bulletins / Tele-text at the hotels. “Usually as good as one feels!”  Please check www.met.gov.pk 

b) About the population and total area?

Pakistan population is 13.58 million people ( 1998 census) and the total area is 803,950 sq. km.

c) About the location of the hotel ?

Depends on the hotel booked for the guest’s. We inform about the facilities available the shopping area, good restaurants, Internet cafe etc. All range of hotel available in Pakistan.

d) About the distance of hotel from the Airport ?

Normally the time taken from the Islamabad International Airport to the city hotels is about 15-30 minutes. This depends upon the condition of the traffic at the time of the day. The distance varies from 15 to 30 kilometres.

e) Is it safe to travel in private transport (taxi) and what is the payment system ?

Yes, it is safe to travel in the local taxi in the city. Try to hire the taxi from the prepaid taxi and get fair information about your destination from two or three different cabs. Write the registration number of taxi you travel in your note book, in case you lost some thing or you have any complain, The registration number can be use to identify that taxi. Almost all the hotels have attached taxi service. They are reliable and the charges you can bargain as described earlier. Mode of payment is in Pakistani rupee. Which you can change from the banks at airport. For all our booked tours, treks, we provide pick and drop services to our clients.

After the arrival

a) Where the guide will meet the guests ?

Normally we provide airport pick-up and drop services to all over guests. During the trip car & the guide will report at the hotel well before the pick up time for the sightseeing. Our local agent, the guide and the drivers are informed and briefed by us before the start of the tour about the pick up time and the meeting place for the sightseeing etc. The drivers also carry a list of agents and the hotel and the itinerary of the tour, although they know the hotels and their addresses.

b) Who will inform / brief the guests about his further program at the destination ?

Our local agent or their representative or the guides will inform the guest’s of their further program at the destinations day by day basis mostly in the evening about the next day’s program.


c) How much tips to be given to the porters, drivers and the guests ?

Tips are dependent of the services provided. A small amount of money can be given at each service to insure prompt and reliable service. For guides it depends on how informative, knowledgeable, helpful they are

d) Whether it is good and cheap to eat outside the hotel (restaurants) ?

Some of the restaurants are cheaper and frequently visited by the local people. So sometimes yes, it is a good experience to eat outside the hotels and get to meet the local population.

e) Any cheap option to make ISD calls ?

Now the government has opened STD and ISD booths in most parts of Pakistan. We recommend that you call from these booths, they are reliable and give you receipts for calls made. You may buy a prepaid card to make such calls by yourself from any booths.

f) How the return International tickets will be reconfirmed & who will do it ?

The international and the domestic air sector tickets are reconfirmed by us at no extra cost for the guest’s booked to travel with us. We even extend this service as a courtesy to other travelers if any assistance is required.

g) If the domestic air/railway tickets for all sectors are confirmed & incase any sector is waitlisted , what alternate option we will give them ?

We offer alternative arrangements in case the flight tickets are not confirmed nor have no chances of getting confirmed. Railway Journey or by surface. We always look at various factors such as the condition of the roads, time of travel and the time taken to cover the distance, comfort and offer the best possible option with consultation, acceptance and agreement with the guest.

h) If the drivers at all places can communicate in English and whether the same driver used on arrival transfer will be with them throughout ?

Most of our drivers understand English if spoken slowly and clearly. We always try to send the same driver who has done the airport arrival transfer. If the same driver is not available then we send another driver.

i) What will be the standard and quality of the car/coach in the program?

Looking at the condition of the roads in Pakistan we have a fairly reliable and a sturdy fleet of busses. To make sure our guest’s comfort all our buses are air-conditioned with recline-able seats.

3) While collecting the money

a) About the mode of payment?

Credit Card, Traveler Cheque etc. We can collect the payment by Travelers cheque, Cash, Master, Visa or American Express credit cards.

b) About the rate of exchange ?

The State Bank of Pakistan governs the rate of exchange and we get a copy of the rates provided by the SBP on day to day basis. We honor the rates given by the SBP.

c) About the bank processing charges ?

Bank Processing charges are levied on the payment collected on or through the credit cards. It is usually 3.5% of the total amount to be collected or of the invoice raised by us.

d) Can he make the payment on return to foreign agent ?

Yes, you can make the payment to the foreign agent upon your return as per the authorisation received from our foreign agent.

4) During the loss of Baggage

a) How to go about the procedures to get the lost baggage ?

In case a bag is lost in transit by the airlines. We file a lost baggage report with the airlines. If the guest continues with the journey, we collect the baggage from the airlines for the guest. For the collection of a lost baggage we need the following:

1. We need an authorisation from the guest authorising Jasmine Tours, Rawalpindi and their representative to collect the baggage on their behalf.

2. A photocopy of the passport of the guest, a letter addressed to the Superintendent customs.

3. The keys of the lost bag for custom clearance.

4. The original copy of the lost baggage report lodged with the airlines. We will deliver the bag at the doorstep and bill the guest for the services provided. The amount of the invoice can be collected from the airlines at home.

b) Will the airline pay for the damage and temporary compensation ?

Yes, the airlines pay an inconvenience allowance to buy personal effects. They even offer the baggage delivery charges or sometimes offers to deliver the baggage by them selves at the doorstep

c) How to take the claim for the damages ?

We take the guest to the office of the airlines and the amount is given to the guest upon presenting the original lost baggage report.

5) In case of any complaints

Contact any of our offices / associates and we will look into the nature of complaint and advise you accordingly.

a) How to get the refund / any compensation ?

In case of complaints made by guest’s the refunds or compensations are paid through the foreign agent. Although sometimes depending on the nature of the complaints we refund the money in Pakistan in Pak rupees. The money if need be can be changed at the International Airport at the time of the departure or at branches of Thomas Cook or American Express or State Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi.

What is the cost for using Jasmine Tours.com service?

There is NO CHARGE or service fee to use Jasmine Tours.com hotel reservation service.

How do I make a hotel reservation?

  1. Choose the hotel you would like to stay in and fill the “Reservation Form” or email us.
  2. For hotels with upon request status, our reservation agent will send you a payment link after they manually confirmed your reques
  3. How long will it take to get booking confirmation?

1. For hotels with instant confirmation, you will be able to get your booking confirmation immediately or within 24 hours after making your payment online.

2. For hotels with upon request status, you can get your booking confirmation within 1-2 business days.

What if the hotel I requested is not available?

You will be notified via e-mail if your requested hotel is not available. Our travel experts will try to find hotels of comparable standards, prices and in the same area (if available) for your consideration.

Note: Please fill in alternative hotels in the reservation form when making reservation to let us know your preferences in case of your requested hotel is not available. To avoid disappointment, especially over high season periods, very early booking is strongly advised.

When I submit my hotel reservation, where does my request go?

All travel arrangements are processed by Jasmine Tours.com Reservation Department. All reservation will be followed up within 24 hours by email. Your reservation IS NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation number from us via email.

Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel?

No. The email confirmation you received from Jasmine Tours.com is all you need. Just present the pre-paid hotel voucher from us upon check-in.

Can I make a reservation directly through the hotel?

Yes you can, but the prices displayed on Jasmine Tours.com are available only through our service. If you make a reservation at the hotel, you will be charged on average 10% to 50% more.

Will you confirm my reservation by fax?

We usually send confirmations by e-mail, so please make sure that you have provided us the correct e-mail address. Incase you could not provide an email address or if you don’t have any access in your email, we could send your booking confirmation by fax.

Payment Procedures

When do I need to Pay?

  1. For hotels with instant confirmation, you need to make your payment online to get the booking confirmation immediately or within 24 hours.
  2. For hotels with upon request status, you will be given an option date to settle the payment after we confirmed your reservation in return email to you. Failure to settle the payment on or before the option date, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

If I failed to settle payments within due date, will my reservation be still accepted?

Yes, it can still be accepted but we can’t promise the same hotel will be available for your requested dates. It is always subject to hotel room availability and our allocation with the hotel

Is credit card information secure with Jasmine Tours.com?

The security of your personal information is our priority! That’s why we utilized the latest encryption technology to ensure the safety of your personal information. All your transactions protected by powerful 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, phone number, etc… as it travels through the Internet. SSL safe connection and secure transactions technology has effectively protected millions of Jasmine Tours.com customers who have transmitted their credit card details on-line for their Hotel Reservation.

What Major Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners.

Can I pay by Bank Transfers?

Yes you can pay by bank transfers but you must pay all the Telegraphic Transfer Bank Charges that is more or less US$ 20.00. Telegraphic Transfers can only be acceptable if you are arriving minimum of 10 days prior or else you need to arrange all the payments through Western Union money transfer.

If my payment by Telegraphic Transfer is not received by you, what will happen to my reservation?

If we are unable to receive your payment via Telegraphic Transfer in due date, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Hotel Rates

Are taxes and breakfast included in your prices?

Yes. Unless noted otherwise, all taxes and breakfast are included.

Do you offer additional discounts?

In the hotel directory check carefully if there are available weekend special rates or hot deals for the hotel you want to stay in. Then click on Hotel Details to see all these special rates. Sometimes we can offer additional discounts, so check always our hot deals.

Are your prices per room or per person?

All prices in our service are on per room, not per person. For example, a price for a single means a room with one person, for a double means a room with 2 persons, etc.

How can you offer rooms at such discounted prices?

For two reasons. First, we have negotiated these favourable rates from the hotels in return of volume of business we give to them. Second, we use the internet to do all the transactions, which cuts our cost considerably.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

  1. Cancellation policy will be advice to you by our reservation agents when you make a booking since the cancellation policy of each hotels vary from each other.
  2. No show – means no email or notification of cancellation received by our office that guest is unable to travel before the check-in date. Payments are not refundable.
  3. Unused vouchers – No refund provided in event of cancellation or alteration for the services mentioned in the voucher which the guest might decide not to use once the date of check-in


What is BB?

“BB” means Bed and Breakfast, hotel rates will be inclusive of daily Buffet Breakfast.

What is FB?

“FB” means Full Board, hotel rates will be inclusive of Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Usually we don’t advertise FB or Full board rates on our Website but this can be quoted for you upon request.

What is FIT rates?

“FIT” rates is applicable only for Frequent Individual Travellers.

What is GIT rates?

“GIT” rates is applicable only for Group Independent Travellers.

Can Jasmine Tours.com supply a baby cot or crib when I travel with children?

Most of the hotels have Baby cot or crib facilities but still JasmineTours.com Reservation staff will help you to request or recommend such hotels that are 100 percent sure to have these facilities, it is always Free of cost.

How do I request an early check-in or late check-out with the hotel?

Since hotel policies regarding early check-in (generally 12:00 noon) or late check-out (generally after 12:00 noon) vary by location and by hotel as it is always subject to availability of the hotel, please contact us by e-mail or by phone prior to your arrival to make any necessary arrangements.

I can’t find answer to my question?

Email us your specific question, at info@jasminetours.com and we will be happy to provide a prompt response.