The world today is not what it was decades or centuries back, with the advancement of technology and globalization, we are more connected than we were ever before. This makes the reign and flow of information very much easier, with just the touch of a button we are given countless instruments of knowledge and information.

With this advancement, the world feels more and more connected now, distance doesn’t feel like distance and we can get in touch with people and places who we couldn’t have even thought of before. This elimination of distance has been joined in by low-cost air freight and travel so we could go and visit exotic locales with much more freedom than before. With situations like these, who wouldn’t want to travel around the globe?

Keeping all of this in mind, we have gathered a list of 2019 and Pakistan’s most sought after tourist destinations for foreign travelers. For our guide, we have scavenged and filtered the internet in terms of popularity and traffic, the destinations provided are recommended by travelers from all over the world.

Thailand- The Golden Jewel

For many years, Thailand has been one of the most common yet unique places for foreigners to visit and explore, and because of being that famous, the country has become a global tourist hub. People from Europe and all over the world, travel to Thailand for availing of its beautiful sceneries and the adventurous experience they get to have.

Although, if you are planning to spend your vacations in Thailand then you must plan ahead accordingly. Make sure that you have almost two or three weeks planned for yourself because the flight itself could become very much tiring as it is 14-hours long, after being jet-lagged, the beautiful hospitality of Thailand would definitely cheer you up. So make sure that you have at least weeks planned for this adventure, the ideal time would be of a month but if you would want to cut it short then a week or 10 days would do just fine as well.

The food there is amazing and you would be getting max value for your dollar, keeping this in mind the Thai cuisine is more vendor-based and it is inexpensive. What we consider for pocket change in our countries is actually a full packed meal in their countries, so using that to our advantage, we can enjoy all the delicacies.

No matter in what season you visit Thailand, there is going to be a warm-weather always, you can enjoy the golden sand and beaches to the max. Speaking of beaches, Thailand actually has some of the most amazing and exotic beaches on the whole planet. The weather there is warm, clear, crystal clear water, and you would absolutely love the marine life there.

If you are a shopaholic, then your dreams are about to come true in Thailand. Being a fan of bargaining and extravagant markets, you would be rewarded for your shopping adventures here.

Apart From Thailand and other countries, there are also many tourist destinations within Pakistan, which have been recommended by foreign travelers.


Kalash Valley- The Pagan Land

First of all, our list for the most popular destinations for travel within Pakistan starts with Kalash Valley. This prestigious valley is located near Chitral. This valley is blessed in terms of natural beauty and the most bountiful irrigation when compared to the whole country. The soil over there is so unique that it can be used to grow any kind of fruit or vegetable during all the seasons. The beauty over there is unparalleled and nothing that you have seen before, the local people there have been said to be descended directly from Alexander The Great.

The valley is a must-visit for foreign and national travelers as it can easily be justified as heaven on earth, the local’s hospitality would be very refreshing and alluring and you would just want to spend the rest of your life there.


Murree- Queen Of Mountains

Murree is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan, it is situated in the Pir Panjal range and about around 70 kilometers from the capital Islamabad. Murree is best known for its exotic locale and the sceneries it provides, the best time to visit this beautiful hill station would be autumn and the winters. Snow drenched hills and trees alongside a hot cup of coffee or tea would truly entice the feelings.

Murree is also known as Malka E Kohsar which translates to the Queen Of Mountains. If you want to truly experience the best of hill stations within Pakistan while also taking in the beautiful art structure then Murree is definitely the place for you.


Neelum Valley- Azad Kashmir

Neelum valley also known as the blue gem valley is located in near the keran sector, this is in close proximity to the Indian occupied part of Kashmir. Speaking of raw beauty, Neelum is one of the most breathtaking valleys of Kashmir and offers an exhilarating experience. The valley is surrounded by some of the best looking mountains, forests, glaciers, and rivers. The cuisine over there is also amazing, be sure to try out the much flavorsome pakoras with tea sitting by the peaceful-yet crystal rivers.

The land has been described by many poets and adventurers, but in order, to fully take in the experience, you would have to visit it, at least once.



These were some of the most sought after travel destinations for foreigners of 2019, with our extensive guide, be sure to make the most out of your much-valued vacations.